02 December 2010

my dear

babe,u were my sun that light up my life.always laughing, never cried.You'd bring me joy.And like the day, that turns into the night. Everything that was so right, began to go so wrong. I never thought that it could be this way. Now that you're gone. I'm standing all alone. Because your heart, it was my home. Will I get by without you. The only one. Who filled my body and soul. With love and made me lose control. Night after night, I dream you're in my arms. Cause your love can heal the scars. Of an empty soul. Reach for me through all the time and space. Cause no one else can take your place. Can't face another day, I know it's a dream but I wish you were here to stay. its you,and just only you!

2 pengkritik:

saia nazirulz said...

hehe. sejak bila pndai berkata2 nie.
msti lepas kite ms0k p0li an?

syifa mahadi said...

xingt ker?
ini ayat lam profile myspace la